24 June 2009


I arrived Saturday morning in Israel, the Land of Milk and Honey as they call it. I've only been here a handful of times, but each time it feels like I'm coming home. I have always felt this strange sense of belonging to this land, never mind that I can barely speak the language and am only half Jewish.
I hope to work on a two stories while I'm here: one on my family, and one about the more uplifting side of life in Israel.
In the mean time, here are a couple images from my second home.

22 June 2009

Visions of Spain

I spent a few days in Madrid, Spain on my way to Israel - who likes 13 hour direct flights? I wasn't there long enough to do any sort of story, so I just captured Spanish life as best I could.

03 June 2009

Visit Soul of Athens

It is a fantastic multimedia site with interesting stories about Athens done in interesting perspectives.

And remember that story about Hip Hop Congress I keep updating? Well, it's on there too. This time with Audio.

The Traveling Artist

Brandon Boan was a visiting professor at Ohio University in the Ceramics Department this school year. Over the course of the year he mentored the BFA Ceramics students, helped them with their projects, worked on many of his own projects, and was a great friend to everyone. I had a wonderful time getting to know him this year and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.