27 July 2009

The Gathering

In conjuction with Robert Burns' 250th Birthday, Scottish Government/tourism board sponsored Homecoming 2009, where all clan members from around the globe come back to Scotland. This past weekend was the Gathering, a massive Highland Games followed by a Clan March. It was highly attended, but sort of like any other parade in my opinion. Maybe it's because I'm not Scottish.

Bowling on an Impulse

Last week as I was riding the bus back to the University, I saw this bowling green from the window, and the light was nice, so I went with my impulses, got off and inquired about taking photos. Lo and behold, I had arrived 15 minutes before a tournament was about to begin. These men were ridiculous, and when I could understand what they were saying, well, let's just say that I would feel comfortable typing on the internet. It was a blast.

21 July 2009

Out on the Town

Took the day to do some story searching in Edinburgh. Hung out in the Meadows and went to a session at night. I miss the fiddle more than ever here, and I really wanted to play along!

The Depths and Heights of Edinburgh

In the same day, I went to the highest point in Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park, to one of the lowest points underground in the city, the South Bridge Vaults, on a ghost tour of haunted Edinburgh.

Highland Glory

Traveled to Inverness in the Highlands on Saturday and made it to the Highland Games there for a short while. I wasn't too interested in the strongman competitions and hung out with the dancers instead.

Fortress on the Volcano

I went with the graduate students on the trip to the Edinburgh Castle, a large and mighty fortress that looks over the rest of the city atop an ancient volcano. It was rainy.

Summer Holiday

We went to North Berwick on Thursday, which is a small beach town on the northern tip of the Firth of Forth. It is very similar to towns on the Old Mission Peninsula of Michigan for those who are familiar, and is where the Scots go on vacation. Weather was good for a change, and I met some very nice families, one of which gave me a fried egg sandwich and tea on the beach.

16 July 2009

Meeting the Locals

After the rest of the VisCom students got here and we came down to Edinburgh for a guided tour bus and a photo scavenger hunt, it was time for the first real assignment. Yesterday proved to be more difficult than I anticipated. We were paired up and sent to make portraits of two different people and record an interview with each one. Francis and I met some elderly locals in a pub in downtown Musselburgh, and Neil, an 18-year-old bagpipe maker on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. I thought the rain would never end and we would never find a second subject, but both happened, thankgoodness. If nothing else, we got a better feel for the area and got a chance to talk to people and hear their lovely accents.

Neil's workshop

On The Road Again

This past Sunday I traveled from Tel Aviv, Israel to Edinbugh, Scotland. It was one of the longest, most exhausting, most frustrating days of my life. I am not about to write the whole story here, but ask me about it sometime. Regardless, in the midst of my frustration I did manage to make some pictures.

Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel

Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany. Took a bus to the plane. It was wierd.

Finally arrived in Edinburgh and Musselburgh, Scotland. The light is beautiful, and the sun doesn't set until about 10:30 p.m.