07 July 2009

Kibbutz Zikim

I went to visit some family who lives in Kibbutz Zikim, near Ashkelon and about 1 mile from the Gaza border. Times are peaceful now so it was okay to go. Dagi, who was born and raised on the Kibbutz, took me to the top of a hill and said "stand here, and you can understand our problem." Indeed I could. When Hamas was firing missiles into Israel from Gaza, their shorter range rockets were aimed for Ashkelon, where there is an important electrical plant, but often missed and hit Zikim, which is unfortunately in the middle of all this. They have adapted by building safe rooms in each house.

I climbed this ladder to get the last two shots.

On a lighter note, Tsvi showed us his extensive garden, including many green houses.

And Gali took a plant home.

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