04 September 2008

The story of my summer

You know how at the start every summer you come up with this big to-do list of ambitious plans? And then Labor Day rolls around and you realize that you didn't accomplish nearly as much as you had wanted? Such was my summer in terms of shooting (as well as a great many other things). I originally planned to do a lot of freelance work for local papers, do at least two photo stories, and just be shooting all the time basically. Needless to say, that didn't happen. Between working full time, editors not responding to my pleas for assignments, and people not cooperating with photo stories, things just didn't materialize the way I had hoped. Nevertheless, here are a few of the things I did manage to shoot this summer.

A failed attempt at both a photo story and human interest singles for the local paper. Will Laden of Western Springs explains his Eagle Scout project: building wren bird houses.

Another failed photo story on this Music Therapist, Craig, who works with my brother once a week. Ben likes to pretend to play the drums.

My family's annual excursion to southwest Michigan. Warren Dunes State Park.

These were the only two photos I actually got published this summer. July 3rd fireworks over Lake Michigan in Chicago, printed in the Chicago Journal on July 7, 2008. When I was there, taking photos, I broke a tripod and a filter, consecutively.

Western Springs Gathering on the Green, and annual festival put on by the Village of Western Springs that Junior High kids seem to have the most fun at.

Western Springs Garden Club sponsored Garden Walk in my backyard. It was fun to see all the old ladies in funny hats admiring my mom's flowers.

Ben goes to summer camp - JCYS Camp Red Leaf, an overnight camp for disabled teens and adults. His nurse (Natalie on the bottom) is excited to learn that he can now swallow pills.

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