06 August 2009

Unplanned Adventures

The best kind of adventures are the ones not planned for. In fact, the only part of this four-day journey that I anticipated was going to Plockton for a session. I had heard that it was the best session in Scotland, and I wanted to see the Highlands, so I made arrangements to go. After our one day shoot in Stirling, I took the train first to Inverness then to Plockton. I had never seen more beautiful countryside, and my face and camera were glued to the window of the train. I made it to the session which was loads of fun, though musicians were low in numbers.
The next day, I decided to explore the Highlands a bit, I had come all this way. I took the train to Kyle of Lochalsh, right across from Skye. I started to walk across the bridge, but on the way met Sorley and Angus who not only drove me across the bridge, but took me all over Skye (one of the most amazingly beautiful places I have ever been) and gave me a place to stay for the night. The day after I made the long journey back to Musselburgh, stopping in Inverness on the way and met Darren who was making bagpipe reeds in his shop. It was a bit depressing riding through the Lowlands after what I had just seen. It was quite the adventure, and definitely makes for a great story.

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